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Your Warbstow Parish Councillors are:

Lynette Hutchinson Chair 01566 781806
Jan Carter Vice Chair 01840 261641
Trevor Shute Councillor 01566 781328
Roger Bolt Councillor 01840 261706
David Uglow Councillor 01566 781635
Roger Jones Councillor  01566 781306
Terry Luckwell Councillor  01566 781410
Lesley Bain Clerk to the Parish 07981 106032


1 Response to Parish Council

  1. Mike Lewis says:

    Community funding suggestion
    I propose that the Council fund a vehicle activated electronic speed sign positioned near the 30mph road sign on the hill between the Bury car park and Bury Close, Warbstow. And if sufficient funds are available a second one at the other end of the village near the phone box facing down the hill.
    Most vehicles drive through the village well above the speed limit at all times of the day regardless of school pick up times. Mothers in Bury Close drive their children to school instead of walking, because of the danger from speeding vehicles. Dog walkers walking up to the Bury from the war memorial/ Bury Close have to negotiate the narrow section of road and face the same hazard of speeding cars, lorries and tractors. Speed check signs would help to slow the traffic and reduce the risk of a serious accident.

    Vehicles come down the hill at 50/60 miles an hour and in general do not slow down until they are well past the 30mph sign and even then are still well above the 30mph speed limit. A speed check sign would remind drivers of their speed and as in Pipers Pool help to slow the traffic.

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